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Live Performance: “Because Of (Hip-Hop)” by Ryke (Philippines), YT (Cambodia) & Jeri (Indonesia)

        “Because Of (Hip-Hop)” is a Hip-Hop music collaboration between Rap Artists from the Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia. Ryke represents the Philippines, YT represents Cambodia and Jeri representing Indonesia for their Yes ASEAN performance at @america. Check

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Listening Analogy: “Gabi Gabi” by Duende (Gap X Nimbus 9)

Listening Analogy: “Gabi Gabi” by Duende (Gap X Nimbus 9) “Listening Analogy” is an album review segment at Rapista by its Content Writer/Editor in which we carefully listen to the song’s lyricism and sound. The Listening Analogy reviewer breaks down

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Fusion of Music & Culture: “Tawan Tes” by Royal Beat Crew feat. Khusugtun

A fusion of music and culture where East meets West, Beatboxing group Royal Beat Crew collaborated with Mongolian Throat-singing group Khusugtun to release the song “Tawan Tes” (Ode for Tes River).     Source:

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Event (Philippines): Fete De La Musique (Hip-Hop Stage) on June 18, 2016