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DJ Ferry live mixing EDM with Korean music instrument Ajaeng

Check out the awesome musical fusion by DJ Ferry (Canada) with Lee Ju-Hee using Ajaeng, a Korean traditional string instrument with 7 strings. The performance is also the first time that an Ajaeng is mixed with EDM in Korea. Check

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Live Performance: “Because Of (Hip-Hop)” by Ryke (Philippines), YT (Cambodia) & Jeri (Indonesia)

        “Because Of (Hip-Hop)” is a Hip-Hop music collaboration between Rap Artists from the Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia. Ryke represents the Philippines, YT represents Cambodia and Jeri representing Indonesia for their Yes ASEAN performance at @america. Check

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The Chainsmokers performs “Closer” with Halsey at MTV VMAs

The Chainsmokers performs “Closer” with Halsey at the MTV VMAs 2016 which was held at the Madison Square Garden. Check it out!   Source:

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