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Philippines: “Tadhana Remix” by OG Sacred feat. Roxee B

Philippine-based artist and Tondo Tribe Chief OG Sacred just released the remake and remix of Up Dharma Down’s “Tadhana” collaborating with Roxee B. “Tadhana Remix” was part of OG Sacred’s “Project OPM” in which he creates rap versions of OPM

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Philippine-based Turf Entertainment drops bilingual Hip-Hop track “Get Up” on New Year’s Eve

You heard it right! Philippine-based Hip-Hop collective Turf Entertainment drops bilingual Filipino-English track “Get Up” on New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2016). “Get Up” is one of the tracks from their upcoming album titled “International” which features Turf Entertainment artists such as Young

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Soothing laid-back & Chill Rap song “All On Me” by Karencitta

  “All On Me” is mixed laid-back, chill and R ‘n B-ish song from the “So Help Me God” Album of the Cebuana Singer/Rapper Karencitta. Slow beat with trance-like vocal combined with Rap, “All On Me” is produced by Niko

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Live Performance: “Because Of (Hip-Hop)” by Ryke (Philippines), YT (Cambodia) & Jeri (Indonesia)

        “Because Of (Hip-Hop)” is a Hip-Hop music collaboration between Rap Artists from the Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia. Ryke represents the Philippines, YT represents Cambodia and Jeri representing Indonesia for their Yes ASEAN performance at @america. Check

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